Thursday, 11 June 2009

Training Videos from Around the World

Have we had many British videos featuring police training, riding and driving?

Let's have a couple:

This is segment one from the Fuel Show 12/17/06. In the News segment we look at the UK police at Volvo driving school.

Advanced Motorcycle Riding with Mike Waite: Ex-Police Motorcycle Instructor

Produced for Devon & Cornwall Police as part of a driver safety campaign, this promo puts you right alongside a police motorcyclist attending a 999 call.

The International police rally and Pride instructor Gordon KEMP

(Listen to the 'commentary')

This is EDUCATIONAL footage I found from a Bikeafe video 1999. It features a Police motorcyclist from Thames Valley, filmed from a helicopter and commentary put on afterwards. Great clip.

Features the late Phil Curtis



AlistairL said...

Its funny hearing the folks from the "local" (to me) Police College at Tulliallan - I'm surprised you can understand any of the commentary in "Scottish" :). Its good to see clips from the free stuff issued from Bikesafe from Thames Valley and Strathclyde, some interesting footage.

AlistairL said...

I also meant to mention that one of the instructors from the Scottish Police College who is pictured in the Strathclyde video died last year