Monday, 1 June 2009

Think! Bends Require Skill"

The latest campaign and leaflet from the DfT's 'Think!' campaign

Bends require skill

Loss of control on bends is the most common factor in serious motorcycle collisions in rural areas.

In fact, four times as many fatal or serious motorcycle collisions occur on bends on rural roads than on urban roads.

So it’s worth keeping your cornering skills as sharp as possible. Three-time British Superbike champion John Reynolds shares his tips: -

“Match your speed to the bend, make sure that you can stop within the distance you can see to be clear, to avoid panic braking. We all know the basics: ‘slow in, fast out’. So:

• Reduce your speed as you approach the bend
• Maintain a steady throttle round the corner
• Accelerate smoothly out of the bend at the apex

. . . From my usual pedantic point of view, I'd have to query the benefit of the last piece of advice. One of the things that upsets some readers of Keith Code's books is the extensive glossary he provides for each chapter.

But if you don't know what an 'apex' is, how will you know when to accelerate smoothly?


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