Saturday, 13 June 2009

Conspicuous, Hi-Viz, Clothing Works!

Well I certainly looked twice!

At the forefront of trends, Managing Director of Fashion Systems, Freddie Magumba brings a fresh approach to clothing in the parking industry.

Inspired by Vivienne Westwood, Freddie has designed a frock using the latest materials to highlight his creative approach to uniform design. Flourescents are definitely in this year! But don’t worry, before you start imagining traffic wardens doing a Beckham in headbands and sarongs, Fashion Systems are just making a point – uniforms don’t have to be boring and a truly creative approach can have huge impact on Parking Enforcement.

A recent re-design of Westminster City Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers’ uniform had a dramatic effect on reducing verbal abuse and attacks on staff – a 75% drop. Fashion Systems created a more casual outfit incorporating a baseball style cap and a bomber-style blouson jacket with reflective stripes. Westminster was the first council in the UK to make this bold move which has prompted other councils to review their uniforms.


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