Thursday, 9 October 2008

Techno, Techno, and More Techno!

I liked the BMW C1 because of its quirkiness. At times it wasn't particularly 'practical', from using its convoluted stand arrangement to not being able to see traffic lights when you're at the front of the 'grid' because of the roof!

But it was innovative in may ways, particularly the frontal crash performance, equal (with the rider seat-belted in) to that of a small car.

However, it wasn't a sales success, and rumours of a big-engined BMW super-scooter haven't made it in to the metal at the recent Euro bike show. Instead, BMW's 'new' bikes were the previously exhibited World Superbike contender, and cc hikes for the K1200 up to 1300. Ho hum.

However, a new Concept machine from Peugeot, the HyMotion3, takes things to a whole new level, by combining features from a number of vehicles:
BMW 'cell' shape
'MP3'-style 3 wheel leaning front end
'Prius'-type hybrid drive
Electric motors within the front hubs, with driven rear wheel

Read more here from Peugeot

"Fantastic!" Is my low-hype view :)


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