Friday, 24 October 2008

New Cartoons!

The European motorcycle manufacturers organisation ACEM has released the first in a series of cartoons aimed at highlighting the risks to riders posed by the infrastructure of the road on which we ride.

The first cartoon strip deals with hazards posed by junctions.

In the coming weeks, new strips will be released regularly dealing with issues like road surfaces, traffic calming and the hazards that can pose to motorcyclists, and decreasing radius curves. You can register on the site to be kept up to date with each new release as it appears.

They are downloadable as PDFs so can be printed out by trainers and bike clubs.

Thanks to Kevin Williams of Survival Skills Rider Training, for:
1. Bringing them to my attention
2. Actually doing the research they're based on
3. Posing for the pictures

NB One of those statements is not true ;)

#1: How To Avoid Problems At Junctions

There's a 'sign up' here to be emailed when the new cartoons are released.


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