Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Garbled, Mangled, or Just Half-Baked?

I like to think I can write understandable English.

But today I happened across some of the most mangled and confusing explanations I've ever seen in bike training paperwork, apart - perhaps - from some of the more unusual 'explanations' of counter-steering.

So what do you think?


'the inability of being unable'

And my particular favourite:

'particularly on left hand bends with 23% of manoeuvres leading to a fatality'

My, perhaps twisted, English reads that as "23% of times riders attempt to go around a left hand bend they're involved in a fatal crash".

Sadly, this is from a DSA production, 'explaining' the background to motorcycle casualties.

It continues:

'It is very important that we understand where things are going wrong'.

With 'explanations' like those quoted, I wonder whether a real understanding is understandable.


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