Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Stealing Time

Computers - and computer software - are often sold to us on the basis that they 'save time'.

Rarely is that the case, as first we usually struggle to learn how to use them, then fight to get information out.

But time management software could be an honourable exception.

A good example is Four Four Time. Their Time Management and Logging software is aimed at users who wish to simply and quickly record and report how much time they spend working on a particular job or project, it's been successfully used by people as diverse as structural engineers and bespoke jewellers!

One user found a novel alternative use - after finding out how he hadn't truly recorded his working time:

“I must admit, I thought I was pretty much aware of how long it took to complete tasks. But it seems I’ve been thinking of a figure and halving it!

For instance I photographed a wedding last Saturday. It was quite a society affair, with lots of colour and plenty of moments atop the usual formal shots to capture.

A wedding shoot that I thought would take two or three hours to post process, took five – and that’s before I sat down with the clients to discuss their own thoughts.

To my mind, the most important thing about the Four Four Time product will be to build realistic time considered costings into my professional charges.”

Post Script from Neale James

"We recently broke our egg timer, and as the office is next to the kitchen we used the Four Four Timer - it may be interesting to note that last month we recorded 1 hour and 25 minutes spent boiling eggs!"

More details on the Four Four Time site.

As an old saying goes:
Time is a thief - the art is stealing it back!

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