Monday, 2 June 2008

Instructors Training the Under 18s

Are you an instructor - employed or volunteer - working with trainees aged under 18?

BBC News

From October 2009, anyone applying for jobs working with or helping young people, will have to apply for registration - and employers or charities working with children and vulnerable adults cannot recruit workers who are not registered.

It will become an offence for anyone barred from working with children to apply for such a job - and there will be penalties for employers who fail to check on the registration of applicants.

From 2010, those already employed in jobs or in a voluntary capacity, with or without CRB checks, will be obliged to register.

The government's response to consultation only applies to England, but the scheme will be extended to Wales and Northern Ireland.


At £64 per person, look forward to an increase in training costs to cover this.

Interestingly - as many instructors are self-employed - The current legislation does not allow the self-employed or individuals to apply for a CRB check on themselves.


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