Saturday, 1 May 2010

Training Scrappage

With HM Govt's car 'scrappage' scheme now closed down, I see another 'gap' in teh market: 'Training' scrappage.

No payout from the government, but you get the option of scrapping your own skills and riding off with a new set of skills!

Of course, that relies on there being a suitable supply of new skills . . .

. . . Which, of course, there aren't. What usually happens in a bike crash is that a rider just runs out of their existing skill, they 'over-ride' themselves.

The root problem is usually a lack of forward planning, not just in the traditional sense of 'observation and acinticipation', but in a lack of expectation and preparedness.

In other words, if you're riding up to a blind bend, don't simply 'observe' the bend, identify the limit point - and so the 'correct' speed - you should also expect a problem around the corner (an obstruction, or the bend tightening) and be prepared to take action (have the mental plan ready, know which control actions you'll need - steering, head turn, braking, whatever).


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