Thursday, 6 May 2010

Bike Safety Web Sites - Help, Please

Now's your chance to tell me what you think.

Err . . . I'd better narrow that down a bit :)

Below, screen shots and links to a pair of bike safety web sites.

If you have a few moments, could you follow both links, and let me know by adding a 'comment' what you think of each?

So there you are; two very different web sites.

I'd really appreciate your comments, even if you usually read the blog through RSS rather than a direct 'visit' to the page.

Go on! Click 'add comment'. Please ;)



AlistairL said...

You put the good one first - a few videos to watch that can be used by folks who don't want to spend money on stupid training. And the videos look fast (ish).

Of course, we all know where the principles come from but most of the wording has been changed from "official speak".

Unfortunately the cartoon character stuff on the other site from Norfolk is a bit silly, and only one page on Motorcycling that I could find, and the video from Youtube is Australian i.e. excellent but not produced specifically for the site.

Voyager said...

Is this a trick question?

The Devon site is clearly treating riders as adults and attempting to engage them by offering ideas and education as a way to improve their skills in order to reduce incidents. Although I'm not overly confident that this works - it is at least a big improvement over the patronising comments from Norfolk which are based on nothing other that hearsay and misinformation.