Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Police Motorcyclist Training - France

Continuing the whistle-stop tour of police motorcycle training around the World . . .


For the people in the know, the training and skills level of the French motorcycle Police (known as Gendarmes) is second to none. They are probably at the very top of the pyramid.

Their motorcycle skills training is held over a period, depending on their function, between 5 and 8 months. They also need to repeat training every 5 years.

Their training is both on and off road. Furthermore, they train motorcycle cops from all over the world.

French Motorcycle Gendarme Training (4 minutes 34 seconds)

You'll notice a lot of off-road training. In many of the international (and national) off-road competitions, including the Dakar, there are always a few motorcycle Gendarme teams participating. That's the level these guys & gals reach.


Even better more: shooting from the hip? No, shooting while riding! Watch the video!



AlistairL said...

here's an easy question for you malcolm - in the gendarme shooting video we see the "throttle hand" being used for shooting.

Do you reckon that means they are coasting along with the clutch in ? Is that just like what you have to do for the arm signal for slowing down ?

(Just wondering :))

Anonymous said...

Without watching again I couldn't confirm either way - but they were slowing one way or another.

Which goes to prove they weren't using the UK police 'tuning' aid of a throttle screw (C. £5 from the dealer, to fit your old R or K bike).


AlistairL said...

I've got one of those on my R11RS - and have great fun waving to fellow bikers with my right hand.