Monday, 25 May 2009

Digital Technology For Trainers

OK, I admit it, the nearest I get to technology is using radio when out training. No, not Radio 4 . . . but bike-to-bike.

I've mentioned before some of the ways trainers can use technology, and those options are expanding.

For instance, there's the portable DVD player. Screen sizes up to about 8", would allow a 'table top' theory presentation to include quite reasonable videos.

For for real top-notch whizz-bang technology, how about one of 3M's new 'hand-held' video projectors?


Ideal for meetings, sales pitches, impromptu business presentations – even just for fun.
Can be switched off instantly and put in your pocket or computer bag with no fuss, allowing you to take it wherever you go.
Compatible with laptops, video MP3 players, video mobile phones and other multimedia devices.
Powered by either on-board battery (up to 60 minutes continuous presentation) or AC mains.
Projects video and 'still' content up to 1270mm (50") image size.
Dimensions: 115x50x22 mm / 4.5"x1.97"x0.88" (L x W x D) Weight: 152 grams / 5.3 oz (0.33 lbs.)

Watch the video


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