Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Life Coaching - Hampshire / Berkshire

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Coaching provides a way forward in people’s lives without the hassle of delving deep into past experiences that may not be relevant to what you want to do here and now. Coaching can be a focused way of building confidence, improving self-esteem, helping with self development, exploring ways of increasing motivation and getting out of ‘that rut’ or finding ways of making that ‘tough decision’.

With coaching the aim is to focus on a problem in the present and explore ways of overcoming the problem in the here and now. Coaching with Dr Matt Tofield at Leytonfield uses an approach that has problem-solving at its core and as such is great for people who want to make positive change in their lives without spending years in therapy.

Whether it is identifying your talents, dealing with stress at work or home, boosting confidence, becoming more motivated, or planning the next stage of your life, at Leytonfield we work together with you to find solutions that work for you.

About Matt:

leytonfield was created by Dr. Matt Tofield: psychologist, coach and qualified teacher.

At leytonfield we believe in offering high quality coaching in a flexible format for any individual over the age of 16 who needs confidential support with self-development in areas of self-esteem, self-confidence, making decisions, coping with the stress of early careers and career planning.

Dr Matt Tofield has a PhD in Psychology from the University of Reading, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PCET) from the University of Southampton, is a Certified Coach, and is an Associate Member of the Association For Coaching (AC). A member of the British Psychology Society (BPS) and an inaugural member of the BPS Special Group in Coaching Psychology.

Confidentiality and Privacy are vital and Leytonfield Coaching practices under strict ethical principles and follows good practice guidelines as set down by the British Psychology Society (BPS) and the Association For Coaching (AC).


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