Monday, 2 March 2009

Coming Soon, To A Test Centre . . .

. . . Well, I can't guarantee 'near you'.

However, the new 2008 (yup) 'Brake and Swerve' test is impending, it can be booked from 30 March 2009 and testing is to commence on Monday 27 April.

More details here.

The main change from previous plans is:

A key decision is that the practical motorcycling test will be split into two modules.

Module 1 – a specified off road manoeuvres test

Module 2 – a road riding test

This modular approach will allow DSA to increase the number of locations from which the new test will be available. It is planned that on launch day up to 67 locations will be available from which to take Module 1 and 104 locations for Module 2, together with 30 occasional centres in Scotland.

DSA Newsletter, with details of test price changes, locations of test centres, and results of the consultation here.

For rider traininers ('instructors' in old money) the MCITA site has a very good download of the new test content, also suitable for anyone who'll be taking the test.

I'd recommend downloading and saving a copy before they remove it from their site!

2DLD guidance - This guidance brochure was created by Nigel Osborne of Channel Rider Training to help trainers understand the requirements of the new off road test

Guidance Notes
The New Test, Changes and the Motorcycle Manoeuvring Area (MMA)


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