Sunday, 2 November 2008

Cargo #2

If you've just read my post about the Olypia Phantom suit, you'll have seen mention of the 'cargo' pockets.

For those of you who also carry around substatial quantities of junk, you may find this of interest.

It's called the Grab-It Pack, and is a bolt-on (well, 'belt on') cargo pocket.

Probably not particularly waterproof for UK all-day biking, but could be useful for touring or for instructors.

Might also suit pillions if it's accesible while on the move.

Edit: AlistairL has asked me to clarify whether it's me in the pic. I am happy to confirm it is



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AlistairL said...

Hi, just to check. Like the last post - am I correct in thinking that that is not a picture of you either?