Wednesday, 3 October 2012

New DSA 'CGI' Hazard Perception Test Clip

The Driving Standards Agency have realised an example clip of how the test is likely to appear in the future, moving away from the clips recorded from vehicles to computer-generated clips.

They explain:
DSA has published a new early working example of a computer-generated hazard perception test clip.

The clip has been produced by Jelly - the company that won the contract to update the hazard perception clips. This new example shows what candidates can expect to see in the test.
The updated clips will be part of the theory test from summer 2013.
The scenarios and hazards remain the same but vehicles, fashions and backdrops will have a more modern look.
Over the coming months, DSA will be working closely with Jelly to make sure the new clips will meet quality assurance standards.

Surprisingly realistic and convincing, I think!


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