Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Birmingham Tourist Trail Celebs!

Although I've been to Birmingham before, it had always been to either the NEC or - just down the road from there - the National Motorcycle Museum.  However, a trip for a meeting allowed a bit of time for sightseeing, and one of those sights (more accurately 'two') were Steve Harris [left in the pic, aka 'Forrest Gump'] and Mark Hayes ['Flymo'] two of the stars of the Channel 5 series 'Emergency Bikers'.


Part of the 'Emergency Bikers' format is that events are video recorded as they happen, with cameras on their bikes and body-worn by the riders.  This 'over the shoulder' view was used by TRL when obtaining 'rider's eye view' video for a project on hazard perception:

Development of a video measure of hazard perception skill and a group discussion based hazard perception training package for motorcyclists


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