Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Stay a Hero

Do you remember the 'Embrace Life' seatbelt ad (which is heading for 14 million views on Youtube!)?

This is the new motorcycle ad from the same team.

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership say:

Stay A Hero, Stay Safe’ is our new campaign aimed at reducing the number of motorcyclists casualties on Sussex’s roads each year. Currently, nearly a quarter of all individuals killed and seriously injured are riding a motorcycle – a massive over-representation when you consider that motorcycles only account for around 5% of vehicles on the road.

We have worked again with Writer/Director Daniel Cox and Producer Sarah Alexander of Alexander Commercials to create ‘Stay A Hero’, with the express aim of developing something more than the standard biker safety ad.



Voyager said...

That is an unrealisticly large single garage....

Kevin Williams said...

It's an unrealistically UNCLUTTERED large single garage!