Thursday, 17 March 2011

Roman Bath

Or, more specifically, the Roman Baths in Bath.

We visited a few weeks ago, and enjoyed the tour.  There's an excellent audio system, which - as well as being multilingual - gives both adult and child versions and additional comments by Bill Byrson.

Although there was a fair-sized queue outside, it moved along fairly quickly (if you get offered the chance, tell the poet three words!) and once inside it never seemed over-crowded. 

The majority of the tour is underground - Bath must be hollow! - and the exhibits are very well displayed.

One example of the imagination that has been used is in the presentation of the 'temple pediment' stonework, which faces tiered seats.  You can either stand at the top and listen to the explanations, or sit in the seating area.  There's also the option of walking close to the stonework without getting in the way of other visitors.  The stonework is illuminated to show it 'as is', then using a projector to fill the missing detail and then to show how it would have originally been painted.


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