Wednesday, 29 December 2010


It has, occasionally, been said that I talk a load of bollards.

So, today, I am pleased to continue that long tradition, with pictures of one of the most weird bollards I've ever seen.

The pictures don't really do it justice, so some explanation, to give a sense of scale, is in order.  The bollard is placed to prevent vehicle access to a bridge.  The main platform of the bridge is about 8 feet across, and the side walls about 5 feet tall.  The 'normal' handrails show how much higher the bridge sides are!

It's not just the 'outline' shape that intrigued me, but the 'fluting' down one side.  It's a piece of art masquerading as a bollard, hidden down a footpath where (relatively) few people will see, and even less appreciate, it.

So, ladies and gentleman, the bollard!



wasabi said...

Why put it in front of a pefab steel bridge? Nice wooden bridge or 'arty' bridge yeah,, maybe but....

Malcolm Palmer . . . said...

It's actually a wooden surface and sides, like deckboards.

Pics - taken on a gloomy day using a low-res phone camera - don't do it justice.