Monday, 15 November 2010

"Safety is . . . "

I've posted a couple of times about things said on my local BBC radio station, Berkshire (here's the most recent: ).

Yesterday morning I had the radio on, and heard possibly the best yet.  The presenter was Debbie McGee, and she was talking to a fireworks supplier about health and safety, during which she said:

"Safety is a double-edged sword"
Errr . . . really?
Well, if you say so.  But it reminded me of a badge I found many years ago, one Sunday morning during a BMF-RTS training session based at a local school.
Very simply, the button badge stated:
"Be safe with fireworks"
So ever since then I've made a point of carrying fireworks in order to be safe.

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Nikos said...

The UK CAA obviously have a better script writer - "Safety is no accident".