Thursday, 25 February 2010

London Parking Charges

No, not the 'Westminster' parking campaign.

This is car parking.

How much does it cost to park in London? I have no idea, either go by bike or train when heading up that way.

But how about having your own space, just across the road from Buckingham Palace.

A development in Grovesnor Crescent (albeit the developers went bust last year, apparently), will see a few cars having luxury accomodation of their own . . .

The £37M conversion, for property developer Zegna III Holdings, of eight 1830s grade II-star listed terraced houses in Grosvenor Crescent is in itself a demanding operation.

. . . Designated a confined space, this 30m long rectangular, four-level basement excavation demands constant gas monitoring, air changes every few minutes plus round the clock construction supervision by senior engineers.

As a carpark it will house 21 of the UK’s most expensive cars, all positioned remotely by a £700,000 state of the art computerised stacking machine, requiring just 75mm verticality tolerance for the excavation’s piled walls.



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