Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Making Signs Be Seen

Have you noticed that councils don't talk a load of bollards like they used to?

Last Wednesday I went passed a post-accident scene, with one of the illuminated bollards detached from its island and laying 'dead' on the road.

This week it's been replaced, by a thin, reflective, panel.

Cheaper for the coucil to install and maintain, I suppose. One item instead of a 'box', and no electrics to worry about.

Here's a similar example:

This particular one is in Alton, Hampshire. In fact, there's a whole load of them on a load of small islands in a 30 limit. Most are 'dull' yellow retro-reflective, although one pair (the islands are in pairs with dropped areas between for pedestrians to cross) are fluoro yellow.

So spot the deliberate mistake:

Worked it out? Well, if these pictures had been taken at night, the area of the 'speed' sticker wouldn't reflect, as they're plain material.

Nice idea: remove illuminated bollards, replace with retro-reflective, then make them non-reflective . . .

Yes, an absolute load of bollards . . .


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